Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Luckiest In Love

For whatever reasons you've been holding back, the Moon in Leo offers you the bravery to express to your loved one what you've been meaning to say but haven't.


One thing leads to another as it always does. It won't take long for the two of you to feel as like you've "gone into discussions," and this discussion won't conclude until the final day of the week, when the Moon trines Mercury.

For you, Aries, this is the ideal week for finding love and moving forward. Until both you and your lover are happy with the result, you won't stop talking.

It's great that you've paired up with a highly intelligent person whose intelligence is comparable to yours. When both of you agree to resolve the issue, success is inevitable.

Since you can be rather complicated and much more difficult on your partner than anyone else, there are times when you wonder why they put up with you.


You will say something to your lover this week that is so vile and harsh that you will be amazed at your nerve. When you talk, you aim for the throat, which is fortunate because you won't understand this is a bad idea until this week.

You've been overstepping the line for far too long, and it's a good thing your spouse hasn't left yet. Then again, your lover loves you too much to ever act in such a way.

You need to stop being so cruel, Virgo, just for this one reason. Respect your resources. This week will demonstrate to you exactly what you DO have, so make the most of it. Be gracious, Virgo. The work is worthwhile.

You must make sure everything is in order as the year comes to a finish. It's typical of a Scorpio to want to be in charge of your own life and to require assurance that everything is going to be okay, especially when it comes to your romantic relationships.


You'll feel less romantic and more grounded this week, and the good news is that your lover also experiences these "realistic" sentiments and wants to make things right.

Your romantic life is fine, but if the two of you want to stick with it until the bitter end, "something's gotta give," as they say. This indicates that you and your partner must resolve any outstanding issues from a recent argument.

This week, everything in your love life will be arranged, so if control is your thing, Scorpio, you should pass with flying colours. No more debates or scepticism are allowed. Everything is OK this week, Scorpio.

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