Zodiac Signs Who Are Mortal Enemies

Gemini is the sign that couldn't stand itself more than any other. A Gemini is a sign with two personalities contained inside it, toeing the edge between sanity and craziness.

 Gemini & Gemini

When two Geminis are present, one of two outcomes is possible: they could become closest friends for life or even longer. When it comes to Gemini, there is no room for doubt.

If we're being completely honest, Scorpio doesn't really have any pals in the other signs of the zodiac because, well, that's just how Scorpio operates. If we were to pick just one sign that Scorpio absolutely despises and practically spits fire upon, it would be Aquarius.

Scorpio & Aquarius

The issue is that Aquarius irritates Scorpio since it is so easygoing, tolerant, and whimsical. In fact, Scorpio's hatred for Aquarius is so overt that Aquarius actually cannot stand Scorpio, making the two signs a match made in... Hell.

Although Libra may not possess the same level of spontaneity as Aquarius, they do have a propensity to live in the moment and have little to no worries. In their universe, harmony is essential and everything is lovely.

Libra & Aries

Even if this works with the other signs, Libra will get physical with Aries. The conflict of personalities between the peace-loving, flighty sign and the intransigent, always right sign is so extreme that it resembles a war of the worlds.

They appreciate one another despite being, for the most part, sworn enemies because they are able to communicate with one another in a manner that other signs cannot. Oh, right.

Although opposites attract and Leo and Taurus might make a terrific couple, they have trouble maintaining a friendship. Taurus must do whatever it takes to acquire what they desire, in contrast to Leo's urge to remain loyal.

Leo & Taurus

Furthermore, Leo's bravery and Taurus's obstinacy clash since they are too similar yet also very different from one another.

Pisces and Cancer are both extremely sensitive signs. It sort of makes sense that they would be friends because each one is so sensitive that they might all be considered hypersensitive. Wrong.

Cancer & Pisces

The two are equally sensitive, yet they differ in their approaches to expressing their emotions. Pisces is not afraid to express their emotions to anyone and everyone, in contrast to Cancer who is content to keep their sentiments to themselves.

As a result, these two zodiac signs are rivals since they simply don't like how the other manages their emotions.

There are other signs in the zodiac than Gemini that have relationship issues. Two Aries are even more deadly than two Gemini. Why? Because, holy hell, when two rams get together and refuse to concede defeat or acknowledge their errors, the result is a complete disaster.

Aries & Aries

These two could battle it out, hating one another for ages... and some people have! Joan Crawford and Bette Davis are two names. Do not recognise them. them on Google. Now.

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