Zodiac girlfriends ranked worst to best

They are lovely, devoted, and hardworking people. They genuinely care about you. Even if they are excellent at everything, they may also be quite controlling and have a judgmental disposition. They are also easily jealous.

12. Virgo

The woman of the scorpion is quite alone. In a relationship, they will be devoted and seductive, but if you walk over a line she doesn't want you to cross, she won't be as understanding. She has a tendency to be overbearing and fiercely sentimental.

11. Scorpio

The most passionate woman you will ever meet will be an Aries female, but you should be aware that passion of her burning nature also burns badly. When they are angry, they can be extremely violent and breathe fire like dragons.

10. Aries

Women in Taurus are works of art. They are graceful and lovely by nature. She is the unyielding girlfriend who is aware of her rights. She'll fight to keep it. Although occasionally grumpy and icy, she is a powerful woman.

9. Taurus

They have a very sensitive intellect and a big heart. The sculptor deliberately makes them. Your Cancerian partner is always on the lookout for ways to defend herself. She's nice and appreciates tiny gestures of kindness from you.

8. Cancer

Your Leo girlfriend has a tendency to be a little bit too demanding and dominant of you. She simply has that build. She is a romantic who will go above and above for you and who is dependable. They are considerate, upbeat, and supportive of you, and they will assist you in any way they can.

7. Leo

These ladies are fierce, devoted, and wise. They are aware of your needs and will satisfy them. They put a lot of effort into their union. You'll witness an eccentric personality in amazing detail. They will make your heart skip a beat and they love to converse.

6. Aquarius

They are great pals to have. Although they may occasionally be ethereal and require their own space, they always make an effort to be there for you. They want to develop along with you. They'll join you on your journeys. They'll be your crime-fighting accomplice.

5. Sagittarius

They are charming, witty, and attractive. You must provide that for them. Your Libra partner is friendly and reassuring in nature. With her perfect balance, she will make the ideal girlfriend, but respect her at all costs. She may be flawless, but she won't put up with rudeness.

4. Libra

In these banal pieces, they are depicted as actual fairies. They will support your development and create strong girlfriends. She will encourage you to pursue your goals and make you feel desired. They are driven, practical, and extremely cool.

3. Capricorn

They have no chance of love. They'll adore you wholeheartedly and without conditions. They will go far for you because they adore you for who you are. They'll be the happiest girlfriends on the planet if you simply hold their hand, go on dates with them, and prepare food for them.

2. Pisces

soft-spoken, enthused, and encouraging. They make the zodiac's ideal girlfriends. They support your development while also improving themselves. They also have a great time with you. They have a lovely disposition and are great people. Make sure to treat them with respect.

1. Gemini

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