Your Drink Order Says About Your Personality

One bartender at a popular spot for first dates claimed that ordering a glass of red shouts seduction. "There's one guy who comes in here about once a month, each time bringing a different woman with him.

A Red Wine

He persuades her to drink red wine and always consumes it himself. Red wine will now be the best option if I really want to put a girl in a good mood." However, a second seasoned bartender at a well-known chain restaurant issues a warning to first-timers who order red wine at his more laid-back bar.

"I've been at it long enough to be able to generalise certain things. Additionally, I've never seen anyone at this location perform the swirl-and-sniff. That is nothing more than conceited nonsense."

White wine is the more feminine pour of the two, according to both bartenders. Women tend to be the white wine consumers in this establishment, and truthfully, the choice of the wine has a lot more to do with this than the fact that woman is placing her order.

A White Wine

What is the most common error customers make while ordering their preferred wine? placing a drink order for the house mix.

"House wine is only ordered by the budget-conscious. You'll spend $40 on a bottle of house wine, and the restaurant will spend an additional $13 to replace it, so you might as well order something good instead."

On the big screen, martinis undoubtedly radiate urban elegance, but our bartenders' observations suggest otherwise.


"Anyone who orders a martini appears to be intoxicated. I apologise, but that is just pure alcohol." Even if you love martinis, you might want to postpone this powerful drink for your second date.

Fruity drinks like this one scream, "I just discovered my parents' liquor cabinet!" in the same way that red wine and house wine do.

Bay Breeze

One bartender claims that girls who order Malibu Bay Breezes are dumb. Oh my, that was very harsh. It's like, "Ooh, a fruity cocktail!" but in reality, it's just sweet juice with very little alcohol and a certain hangover.

Ordering a Manhattan, in the opinion of both bartenders, indicates that you want to become intoxicated as soon as possible.


Guys adore a women who can enjoy a cold beer, that much is certain. When a girl orders a beer, especially if she asks to hear the specials, I think it's wonderful.


It demonstrates that you are not restricted to a single beverage, and I find it more appealing when a person enjoys being surprised by switching it up with a different kind of beer.

"There is also Craft-Beer-Guy, though. He insists on hearing about every odd beer we offer and then attempts to come out as a snob when he talks about how this one has a tinge of lemon zest or how bitter that one is."

Craft-Beer-Guy rates one step below the Red Wine Swirl-and-Sniffer since not every restaurant is a brewery.

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