Why Sprezza will serve Italian in Richmond

Sprezza, Angela Petruzzelli's long-awaited Italian restaurant in downtown Richmond, is set to open.

She and her partner had relocated to Richmond in the year 2020, and she had already discovered that there were Italian restaurants there.

"Not only do I have a deep emotional connection to [Italian] cuisine, but I also felt that it was lacking from this city. "I felt I could bring the food I grew up with," Petruzzelli said. "

I realised it in Richmond. Despite my respect for local Italian restaurants, I thought Richmond lacked the authentic Italian food I grew up with from my Nonna.

Linguine with clams is our favourite dish (linguine with clams). Cozze, or muscular work, is a staple of our routine. Quite a few sea urchins and octopus, she remarked.

It has to be learned to enjoy, but in pasta it becomes so smooth and flawless that it seems like the nicest thing ever. I can't wait to do it since it's not common in the States.

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