What Happens When A Libra Is Hurt?

Loyal by nature, Virgos prioritise being treated fairly in all aspects of their relationships. Although Libras have good judgement and a propensity for reasonable thought, things might alter when their hearts are broken.

When harmed, Libras attempt to maintain equilibrium, which makes it challenging to detect problems. It might be challenging to detect whether someone's feelings have been tarnished because of their seeming composure and coolness.

Librans always act toward people how they would like to be treated in return. A Libra, however, does not lose emotional control no matter how angry they become or how brutally they have been wronged.

What happens when a Libra is injured, as well as the kinds of behaviour that would harm them, are as follows:

Unfairness is the main factor that will make a Libra feel betrayed. Libras value fairness in all of their interactions and demand it in return, as was already established.

When an unfavourable situation harms a Libra

If a Libra makes concessions for you but you never reciprocate, you are definitely offending them. No matter what part you play in a Libra's life, you must always maintain balance.

The same is true of selfishness; acting selfishly is the biggest turn-off for a Libra. This applies to both routine duties like how frequently you assist around the house and tiny occasions like how much popcorn you share during movie night.

If you behave selfishly or unfairly against a Libra or if you hurt them severely enough, they will probably distance themselves from you for a while.

They may cut you out of their life for good.

Give the Libra in your life a call if you suddenly notice that you haven't heard from them in days to make sure you haven't inadvertently hurt them. You might never hear from them again if you've really pushed them to the brink.

When someone has deceived them, Libras have no difficulty entirely ghosting them. In most circumstances, you won't receive an explanation, your phone will be disabled, and you won't have an opportunity to say sorry.

People who have harmed Libras are ghosted.

That doesn't mean, though, that the Libra in your life doesn't respect your friendship. In fact, they regard it so highly that they find it hard to believe you would harm them.

They leave your life rather than having to deal with it any longer. Watch your back if you intentionally offend a Libra or work against them. Although they have a great deal of maturity, Libras are not afraid to exact revenge when they feel it is necessary.

They will present a calm exterior while secretly planning your death. A Libra will always take retribution in a creative and soul-crushing way, hitting you where it hurts.

Despite their apparent innocence, they are continually anticipating your next move and will act accordingly. Under no circumstances should you cross them.

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