This Is the Worst Zodiac Sign to Marry

Libra placements, the other Venus-ruled sign of the zodiac, look for partnerships that allow them to have their cake and eat it, too. Even though they prefer intimate relationships, Libras require a lot of distance in a relationship, according to Ash.


Clingy behaviour and a partner's sense of insecurity turn them off right away. Relationships with dreamy and introspective Pisces can be challenging since Libra values balance, the author argues.

Scorpios are mysterious creatures who appear cool on the exterior but are actually rather nice on the inside. Scorpios are very quiet when you first meet them, despite the fact that water signs are known for being emotional, according to Ash.


To truly understand what makes a Scorpio tick, it can take months or even years of developing trust. Relationships with attention-seeking Leos might be difficult for Scorpios because of this.

Serious dating can be difficult for Sagittarius because they look for friendships, occupations, and relationships that allow them flexibility. According to Ash, "This gives them a reputation for being difficult to understand when it comes to love and relationships."


Additionally, this explains why they frequently clash with the home and family-oriented water sign Cancer.

Some of the hardest zodiac signs to win over in both love and life are Capricorns. According to Ash, "being the cardinal earth sign, they are searching for their lifelong mate to ride or die with."


It can be challenging to get their attention at the beginning of a relationship, but once a commitment has been established, Capricorns become utterly devoted to their spouse.

Capricorns shouldn't date a Libra since it could be difficult to persuade them to talk about their feelings. According to Ash, "These two Cardinal signs make better companions than lovers."

Aquarius, who is regarded as the most independent and free-spirited sign, is looking for a mate who would encourage them to develop and grow. The unpredictable Uranus, which rules Aquarius, encourages its unconventional attitude to dating, according to Ash.


As a fellow fixed sign Scorpio, who prefers to form close, intense emotional bonds with a small number of people, this may be challenging for them to handle. In the end, a Scorpio's "strong emotional energy" can make an Aquarius feel suffocated.

Pisces tends to flourish in partnerships with other emotionally sensitive signs since they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Pisces seek out people that are compassionate, open-minded, and creative while looking for a companion.


That is the complete opposite of Geminis, who are always thinking of new things to do. According to Ash, mutable Pisces prefer to approach life and love at a slower, more leisurely pace, so this lightning-fast speed might be overwhelming.

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