Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe from Blue Jean Chef

Laurence emailed that this is a good method to prepare a lot of stuffing (which usually disappears first) and still use the oven for the turkey and other dishes.

Since her stuffing recipe feeds 15 people, she suggests planning ahead. Laurence writes on her website that everything save the eggs and chicken stock may be prepared a day in advance. 

In addition, this recipe may be prepared in a slow cooker in as little as three to four hours on the low setting if you preheat it for 30 minutes.

White bread, 1 lb. loaf size (about 12 cups cubed).Half a pound of whole chestnuts (or 5 ounces cooked and peeled).

Prepare a 350F oven.Cube the loaf of bread into half-inch pieces, then spread them out in a single layer on a baking pan. 

If it doesn't, keep roasting for a little longer. Once the chestnuts have cooled enough to be handled, they may be peeled of their shells and chopped up into smaller pieces.

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