Real Way To Be Independent In Your Relationship

Everyone can name at least one person who promotes independence. They make an effort to project the sense of pride they have about being single and not "worrying" about dating.

that they are capable of taking care of themselves, that they are at ease enough in their own skin, that they don't need to worry about being alone, and that they don't need to be afraid of being alone.

But in reality, are they truly autonomous or just talking? Nothing irritates you more than someone who claims to be independent but is actually anything but.

those who claim to be fine with being single but are active on every dating site and app available. the people who constantly have a partner in mind for their next relationship although claiming to be single.

the people who frequently attend singles events at bars in an effort to meet someone who will boost their self-esteem. those who, in an effort to add a little drama and excitement to their life, find themselves pursuing the wrong person entirely.

Even if you may be single and feel self-assured, this is not independence, my friend. These folks frequently mix up true independence and financial independence.

You don't rely on anyone for worldly things while you are financially independent. Because you are spending your money to make those things happen, your home, your bills, and your fun are all on you.

Pure independence is the ability to stand on your own two feet and experience self-fulfillment without requiring the support of another else. You don't always need someone to give you attention or act as a crutch to keep you from crumbling.

You aren't looking for anything significant or even just any match that you can find on a dating app to take you out on a date.

You feel fully at ease in your own skin to spend a Saturday night at home in your jammies with your dogs while watching old episodes of "The Golden Girls."

Even if it may appear obvious to those on the outside that you are not as autonomous as you believe you are, we occasionally enjoy telling others this in the hopes that it would somehow sink in.

That perhaps if we express our feelings to enough people, they will finally catch on, and we will begin to believe them ourselves.

The issue with it is that what if you never find the freedom to be comfortable on your own? Call it some reverse psychology on yourself. What if you constantly feel the need to find someone to fill that vacuum rather than attempting to fill it yourself?

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