Powerball Jackpot Was $215 Million

The $215 million Powerball jackpot from Wednesday night's 12/28/22 drawing included a cash-value option worth $112.3 million. Depending on how many tickets are sold around the nation prior to the drawing, the total prize might rise.

The $201 million jackpot's winning numbers on Monday (12/26/22) were: 17, 41, 47, 60, 61, with a Powerball of 17. Power Play was three times.

On Monday, there was no grand prize winner and no tickets were sold for the $1 million second prize that would have been awarded if the first five white balls and the red Powerball were all matched.

On November 19, 2022, Kansas claimed the last Powerball jackpot for a $93 million drawing. The previous winner before that took home a $2.04 billion big prize in California on November 7, 2022. The jackpot was the biggest in the history of lotteries.

Prior to the drawing on November 7, the most recent grand prize winner had won the $202 million jackpot on August 3, 22. It was purchased in Pennsylvania. The previous winner was a ticket purchased in Vermont on June 29, 222.

Prior to that, one single ticket sold in Arizona on 04/27/22 won a $473 million prize, making it the previous winner. Prior to that, a ticket for a $183 million jackpot was sold on February 14, 221. Connecticut is where I bought that ticket.

Before then, a $630 million jackpot was won on January 5, 22, by a grand prize ticket. One each from Wisconsin and California were the two winning tickets that shared the jackpot.

The previous Powerball grand prize winner had won a $286 million jackpot on Saturday, June 5, 21. That ticket was bought in a Circle K convenience shop in Jacksonville, Florida.

The previous $238 million Powerball big prize winner was selected on 03/27/21. In the first four Powerball drawings of 2020, there were three jackpot winners. On Wednesday, January 20, 21, a ticket purchased in Maryland won the $731.1 million prize.

On Saturday, January 23, 21 the game reset to the $20 million minimum, which was won, then on January 30, 21 another jackpot was won.

 Prior to the previous four winners, the final winning Powerball ticket for the $730 million jackpot was purchased in Maryland on January 20, 2021.

In the history of the game, it was the fourth-largest jackpot. On August 12, 2020, a winning ticket was purchased for a $169 million jackpot. Florida is where they sold that ticket.

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