Polish sausage?

When it comes to smoked sausages, the word "Polish sausage" may refer to more than a hundred different kinds. 

Sausage is considered Polish not because of where it is created, but because of the distinctive flavour profile achieved via careful seasoning and careful cooking.

Although "Polish sausage" and "kielbasa" are commonly used interchangeably in English, they are not the same thing. 

Kielbasa may refer to any Polish sausage, not only the smoked kind made in accordance with Polish smoked sausage laws.

In Poland, they call the Polish sausage most people in the United States and Canada think of when they hear "kielbasa" kielbasa starowiejska. 

Pork sausage seasoned with marjoram and garlic; the name loosely translates to "old country sausage."

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