Pink Drink Recipe

Ingredients.Strawberries. It provides the drink its colour and taste. Use fresh and frozen. Frozen strawberries are for the drink, fresh for garnishing. Frozen berries don't require sugar

Tea. This recipe uses cherry green tea, but you may use any kind. Passion, hibiscus, acai, and white tea work!

Coconut. It's rich and coconut-y! Coconut cream works.
Ice. It's a chilly drink!

Frozen strawberries make this drink sweet enough without any sugar. Honey or agave nectar may provide sugar if needed.Use Starbucks syrup for a more Starbucks-like taste!

Most supermarkets sell Starbucks vanilla syrup.Steeping tea for 5 minutes maximises taste. Don't overbrew! Bitterness will result.

You'll lose taste if you don't steep the tea long enough.This recipe uses frozen berries, not freeze-dried. As they melt, freeze-dried berries dilute your drink.

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