Perfectly Delicious, Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dessert

Sweet Potato Pudding.Without the topping and crust, this silky smooth sweet potato pudding is a lighter, more streamlined version of sweet potato casserole.

A sweet potato filling, with or without a topping of whipped cream or marshmallow fluff. There's no need to bother with making a crust or crimping the edges.

These cookies' buttery, gluten-free base complements a wide variety of fillings. You can put whatever flavour you want into these cute little bites—from raspberry to blackberry to strawberry.

Apple pie without the gluten.We anticipate no raised eyebrows at the phrase "gluten-free." There's nothing quite like a gluten-filled treat—bread, spaghetti, pie, cakes, cookies, you name it—

yet the phrase is so frequently connected with negative connotations. Apple pies that are gluten-free need not be inferior to traditional varieties

You really can't put a name to the chocolaty wonder that is contained in these little jars. They have the consistency of a custard but more closely resemble pudding or mousse.

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St. Louis diet-friendly desserts

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