Nutrition, health benefits of dragon fruit

The Hylocereus cactus, sometimes called the Honolulu queen, is the plant of origin for dragon fruit, the blooms of which only open at night.

The two most prevalent varieties are so named because their skin is red and covered with green scales, like a dragon's.

Many nutrients may be found in trace levels in dragon fruit. It's also has some beneficial nutrients including iron, magnesium, and fibre.

60 calories.1.2 grammes of protein.Total fat content: 0g.Carbohydrates: 13 g.3 g of dietary fibre..Reduced Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C: 3%.

Antioxidants are chemicals that shield cells from damage caused by free radicals, unstable molecules connected to degenerative conditions and ageing (2Trusted Source).

Obese rats with insulin resistance and fatty liver were shown to benefit from eating either the red or white dragon fruit

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