Nicest To Meanest Zodiac Signs 

Due to their efforts to be polite, Libras are the nicest signs you will ever encounter. Since Libras are natural peacemakers, they will do every effort to resolve any issues that arise between them and their friends, family, or even complete strangers.


Since it doesn't always come naturally, Libras must actively work at fostering harmony. Because they are also major people-pleasers, Libra makes a significant effort to maintain a positive and upbeat atmosphere.

Occasionally, a Libra may go above and beyond to make someone else happy, even if it means putting their own feelings aside. Of course, they won't ever confess that this isn't always what they desire because being kind to others makes them happy.

Because it makes them feel as though they are helping both the other person and themselves, Pisces adores showing kindness to others. Pisces are not only extraordinarily kind, but also selfless.


In other words, their friendly demeanour isn't just a ruse to make people like them more; it's sincere. Almost everyone you speak with who has encountered a Pisces will agree that they are kind and helpful.

Additionally non-combatant, Pisces. They try to avoid conflict and small skirmishes as much as they can since they dislike them for whatever reason.

They don't avoid uncomfortable circumstances; they just don't see the value in making things difficult for themselves. Additionally, they firmly believe that honey attracts flies more effectively than vinegar.

Taurus' kind nature extends beyond simple acts of kindness. They are the kind of person that will always smile and say hello to passersby, hold the door open for you, and allow you go first in most situations, but that's not all.


They have a tonne of patience, possibly more than most folks you'll encounter. This indicates that it is difficult to enrage or defuse a Taurus. A sensitive person by nature, Taurus knows how to let their emotions out rather than burying them.

This makes it so much simpler for them to let go of the past and put their attention on what brings them joy. What makes Taurus the happy, then? being a laid-back, kind, and generally upbeat individual.

You'll realise why people refer to Aries as fiery after spending some time with them. Everyone knows that holding things in simply makes you grumpy and a pain to be around, therefore they don't hold anything back.


Of However, Aries isn't scared to start a quarrel if they believe it will clear the air and allow them to resume enjoying their day. Aries is aware of their capacity for cruelty, but prefers to view it as assertiveness because cruelty simply sounds so... cruel.

They always get their way, so there's no use in trying to avoid conflict if they have to become a little more assertive later.

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