Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs 

The most sensitive sign in the zodiac is Pisces. Those of us who are familiar with astrology are aware of the telltale characteristics of a Pisces, including their extreme intuitiveness, love of romantic French films, preference for white wine, and unmistakable Fleetwood Mac listening habits.


But there's something extra-special about Pisces that makes them so delicate. They may be at the end of the line astrologically, but that doesn't make them any less significant.

In fact, because Pisces has experienced all 11 of the signs' positive and negative aspects, they are a blend of sweet (like the water and earth signs) and powerful (like the fire and air signs). They are adept at maintaining harmony between passion and reason.

Regardless of gender, Cancerians are the "momma"s" of the friend group. They are the most likely to organise a dinner party with a cheese platter and a homemade dessert—probably their grandma's recipe—and they are notorious for carrying around munchies, tampons, and Tylenol for anyone who needs them.


Cancers come across as very sensitive (which they are, don't get me wrong), but they also have a tough side. Cancers are very gentle when you're on their good side, and they prefer to take care of people. We are the crab sign; we can respond quickly.

Sensitivity is not generally associated with Libras. Their airy demeanour and rather aloof and frigid projection of themselves tend to overshadow their hidden kindness.


The scales, which stand for both justice and peacekeeping, are the symbol of Libra. A Libra is the ideal person to contact when you need an adjustment when the scales are off in either direction.

The best leaders, movers, and shakers of all time have been Libras because they are sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate and have the potential to bring about meaningful change in the world.

The least likely sign on this list to appear to be sensitive is Aquarius because they don't really exude the same warm, fuzzy feelings as Pisces and Cancers do.


People sometimes perceive Aquarians as emotionless and robotic because they have a tendency to build an emotional barrier between themselves and the outside world in order to feel comfortable and secure.

However, Aquarians erect that emotional wall in order to safeguard their delicate inner world. The sign of the water-bearer is Aquarius.

Pisces, the sign of the fish, and Cancer, the sign of the crab, who both must live underwater and are always surrounded by it, find it easier to carry and regulate their emotional, watery nature. The more you consider it, the more logic it makes!

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