Most ruthless zodiac signs

When these control freaks decide to enter your life, they don't leave until you commit suicide because they are unrelenting and, for some reason, think they are always correct.


Scorpio is known for its obnoxious bossiness. Either you submit to their rule, or you pay a price for your independence.

Gaslighting is the focus of the Gemini astrological sign. Both the facts and promises will be easily refuted by them.


But when they've had enough of you, that's when their true savagery shows. Gemini has no problem driving you over even if you're lying on the side of the road bleeding out.

Leo plays by the rules of impulsive cruelty. Leo will utter an insult to you out of the blue that is so rude, so harsh, and aggressive that you'll genuinely worry for your life.


Leo is the meanest of the signs, and they take pleasure in spreading their carelessness.

The most vicious thing Aquarius does is defraud you. Aquarius are scam artists. They are unquestionably the indication that causes the most destruction.


They are born liars who have no qualms about deceiving you, stealing your money, manipulating your emotions, and abandoning you in the mud to die like a dog.

Tauruses have a reputation for lying. When their sex drive calls them, they follow since they are unable to remain faithful. They explain their behaviour as expected and anticipate your support no matter what they do.


You can count on them to lie to you. In this area, they are savages.

Killer lies are told by Libra. They can't go a day without lying, which doesn't sound too bad until you realise they'll lie right in front of you to avoid conflict.


What you clung to and what you cherished, Libra would happily trample on it while defending whatever they do with more falsehoods.

Sagittarius is a rather chilly sign. Sagittarius is the only sign that lacks emotions. And since they removed you, it's as if you never existed.


If you interact with a Sagittarius, be aware that they will quickly get rid of you because they have no patience with people and don't show it.

All of Aries is about tragic conclusions. They will break things off with you without giving you a chance to defend yourself and abandon you in complete darkness and solitude.


After they've made their peace, Aries has no patience for you and won't ever let you to. Aries are the most deadly when they are angry, so don't even try.

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