Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

Stretching the truth, or lying, is what Gemini does best when they want to manipulate. They can defend their deception by claiming that there are no other options and that it is necessary for the greater good, but they lie in order to control other people.


They might promise to do something but never follow through, or they might claim a situation is critical when it isn't.

Scorpio's most cunning tactic is to make it seem like a grave error to disagree with them and to demand steadfast commitment. If you don't follow their lead, you can lose them from your life. It is comparable to bullying and emotional abuse.


If you're on the outs, all the secrets you've previously confided in Scorpio may no longer be thought of as private and could become known to the public.

Capricorn's most devious tactic is to make others feel foolish. Capricorn uses their skill and knowledge to influence others to do what they want.


Capricorn can get someone to follow their agenda by making them seem foolish and that they need direction. Capricorn undermines people's confidence and manipulates them since they are better equipped to say no when they feel powerful and capable.

Leo's use of deception to diminish their actions is his most deceptive tactic. Leos are self-assured, but occasionally their egos cause them to act in ways that could be harmful to others.


Leo will make something they do sound advantageous for all parties if it's a win for them and a loss for someone else.

The most manipulative behaviour exhibited by Pisces is a lack of accountability. The fact that anything occurred or that someone was unhappy is not their fault. Pisces was lost in thought and just going about their business.


Sometimes it seems as though Pisces believes they are so unique and creative that they don't need to be held responsible for anything.

Falsely claiming to be innocent is one of Libra's most cunning tactics. When manipulating, Libras will pretend they don't know how to perform something or lack the requisite skills so that someone else will finish it for them.


For even better outcomes, Libra will occasionally add charm and flirting to the mix. When you call them on their actions, they will pretend to not understand what you are saying.

Ghosting people is one of Aquarius' most cunning tricks. They respond promptly to your texts and mails one minute, then there is complete quiet the next.


This could continue for some time, and when you're ready to give up and offer everything to get them back, Aquarius has you right where they want you. You might not even be conscious that you are being misled.

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