Merry Christmas Cocktails

Drink while wrapping gifts or serve to holiday visitors. These winter drinks are all worth making, and the season is long enough to do so.

This festive cocktail requires minimal effort. Start with a bottle of bubbly (ideally dry prosecco or Champagne), add cranberry juice and pomegranate juice, and mix. It's pretty and tasty.

By Julie Reiner.
Classic mulled wine is spiced up with Campari and cranberries for a festive punch.

Garvey Alexander's Cider Pitcher.
Apple cider is a Christmas classic, cold or hot. This recipe's handmade spiced syrup adds richness. The entire family may enjoy it as a nonalcoholic drink or cocktail.

Alexander's Winter Lemonade.
This vibrant, cold-weather drink combines citrus and ginger. Sauvignon blanc's crisp apple aromas lend a finishing touch.

Joy Bauer's Peppermint-ini.
Peppermint martinis are sugary. Make my version of this Christmas cocktail to avoid sugar overload.

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