McDonald's is quietly bringing back the 2020-deleted breakfast sandwiches.

McDonald's occasionally announces the return of a popular favourite, like the McRib, and sometimes sneaks them in. Bagel breakfast sandwiches are appearing in limited areas.

This morning's search proved they're there. All New York City and Westchester McDonald's outlets sell bagel sandwiches. We ordered one and had it delivered to validate nearby eateries' readiness.

The three bagel sandwiches—Steak, Egg&Cheese, Bacon, Egg&Cheese, and Sausage, Egg&Cheese—disappeared from McDonald's menus in 2020 but resurfaced in Ohio, Virginia, 

and Philadelphia in September.
McDonald's has long promised to bring back the breakfast offerings, so their comeback isn't unexpected.

San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, have no bagels, but Maine has, thus they're accessible across New England.

Widespread availability of bagel sandwiches. This partly fulfils the chain's 2021 pledge.

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