Kind-Hearted Zodiac Signs Who Get Hurt The Most

Scorpios tend to suppress their feelings since they secretly have weak hearts. They hate feeling unwelcome, thus it won't be nice if they experience rejection.


Even when you think they are unaware, Scorpios have the ability to pay attention to the small details and recognise when you are trying to take advantage of them.

Geminis are covertly sensitive individuals. They are extremely sensitive, yet they are also masters of the stage. Their hearts are really weak on the inside. Even though they put on a rough front, they are really just lovers who enjoy getting and giving affection.


They won't tell you that you have their heart in your hand because they don't want their heart to be broken. You've always had it, even when you weren't aware of it.

This symptom is really delicate. They will do anything for you, but the moment you turn on them, chaos ensues.


They wear their hearts on their sleeves, so if you offend them or cause them harm, they will go to any lengths to let you feel the anguish you have caused them. As a result, treat them gently.

Anything less than expected will not be tolerated by this sign. When they are into you, they are highly vulnerable and need your undivided attention.


They value loyalty, so if you treat them well, they will do the same for you. They will be so devastated if you break their hearts that it will be your final and only time doing so.

Extreme emotions abound in this mad lion. They act impulsively and are very sensitive.


They have a lot of feeling. Leos are faithful people who will roar like their animal symbol, a lion, if you do not reciprocate their loyalty.

They are usually the life of the party, but if you try to take that away from them, they will get hostile since they are sensitive to small things.

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