Italian vacation lemon rosemary cookies

When I was a kid, the sourness of lemon cookies would give me a little bit of a stomachache. Although I was drawn to the tray of baked cookies, I was hesitant to try until I realised they were lemon.

 Like it was yesterday, I vividly recall my reluctance when faced with the prospect of eating a cookie while simultaneously dreading the puckering acidity that may be lying in wait.

You can always count on these lemon biscuits not to surprise you. They're well-rounded and invigorating, much like the bright autumn day I'm basking in right now. 

The fresh lemon and zest, together with the aromatic rosemary, create a dish that is a fitting homage to the season, when the heat and humidity have finally subsided.

The combination of fresh lemon and rosemary not only tastes wonderful but also has an enticing aroma.

The lovely aroma that fills the house after baking these cookies rivals anything I've diffused from DoTerra or Young Living. It's energising and inspiring

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