How To Make An Aquarius Man Obsessed With You

If you play hard to get, Aquarius men will find you more alluring since they love the hunt. Keep him wondering about you by leaving him on read and not being constantly available.

Be difficult to get.

He would be desperate to overtake you as your preferred option if he believes he is an option to you. To win him over, keep him on his toes and make him work hard for your attention. Men born under the sign of Aquarius are somewhat accustomed to getting what they want, so having to pursue you will be unfamiliar to them.

They will find you to be even more alluring as a result, and he will be curious as to what else or who else has your attention. When necessary, continue to show him your affection, but let him know there are lots of other guys vying for your attention.

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are already a little wary of commitment, so acting jealously often will only turn them off. He will be fleeing, while you are probably simply trying to get some confirmation that you are his first priority.

Avoid becoming envious in any way.

Instead of being unduly jealous, quietly express your worries to him if something is actually bothering you. He will admire you for being mature and level-headed because of this. Be careful not to be an overly possessive partner and discuss openly what is comfortable for both of you.

Before jealousy worsens, this chat should provide you both a good opportunity to establish boundaries. This is in your best interests and will help you build a strong foundation of trust for one another.

For the Aquarius man, small gestures go a long way, and they're even better as surprises. The real keys to their hearts are surprises and spontaneity.

Surprise him.

You may win his heart and convince him that you are the girl of his dreams by picking up their preferred beverage from Starbucks without being asked or organising a covert weekend getaway.

You'll become closer to each other and be able to show him how much you care by giving him little surprises here and there. It's likely that he will notice the kind things you consistently do for him and behave similarly toward you in return.

It's crucial to be authentic, but hold back on spilling too much information straight once. So that he feels like he is constantly learning something new about you, keep certain information to yourself.

Be enigmatic.

It is a good idea to take your time getting to know him even if you don't have to lie or avoid being who you truly are. This will make him think of you as sexy and enigmatic, which will ultimately make him desire more.

He will want to schedule additional time with you as quickly as possible and will be interested in learning more about you.

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