Guava Fruit and Leaves Health Benefits

Tropical guava trees were first cultivated in Central America.
The round fruits are either lightly green or yellow on the outside, and the seeds within are edible.

It has the potential to reduce blood sugar.There is some evidence that consuming guava might help keep blood sugar levels in check.

Since guava leaves contain significant amounts of antioxidants and vitamins, they are being studied for their potential to prevent heart disease

During menstruation, many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, a painful condition characterised by cramping and other uncomfortable symptoms.

The dietary fibre content of guavas is quite high.
Constipation may be avoided and regular bowel motions supported by consuming more guavas.

The digestive system may benefit from guava leaf extract, as well. Evidence from studies suggests it may mitigate diarrhea's severity and shorten its length. Perhaps Helpful for Slimming Down

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