Eat Lucky Foods On New Year 2023

In many cultures, round fruits like oranges and apples are regarded as lucky foods for the New Year because they are thought to represent money and bring good fortune.

Fruits that are rounded are lucky.

Due to their golden hue, which is thought to symbolise prosperity and good fortune, mandarin oranges and tangerines are the most well-liked lucky fruits in China and other Asian nations. Oranges are said to be able to stave off negative karma in feng shui.

Furthering the feng shui theme, there are fortunate fruits you can consume that they claim can help balance the body's elements and organs.

Cranberries, red cherries, strawberries, and red apples, for instance, have fire elements and are thought to be beneficial for heart health.

The water element is represented by the blueberry, which can aid in kidney issues. The liver's chi can be increased by lemons and limes.

Watermelon is served because the colour red is regarded as fortunate in Vietnam.

At the house's entryway in Greece, a pomegranate is smashed shortly after midnight. The more seeds planted, the luckier the family will be in the upcoming year.

Figs were considered a fertility emblem in classical Italy. Put a bowl of pomegranate and citrus fruits on your dining room table to make a "lucky" centrepiece for your New Year's Eve party.

Due to all of the seeds, many people in the Mediterranean believe that pomegranates are a symbol of fertility and abundance.

One fruit is thought to represent each month of the New Year in the Philippines, where it is believed that eating 12 fruits on New Year's Day will bring luck and prosperity.

Yes, an avocado is a fruit. Its green and purple hues are thought to stand for wealth and fortune.

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