Dog Breeds With Anxiety Issues

A fluffy poodle-like breed of dog called a lagotto romagnolo is among the most anxious. For instance, they are more likely to experience a high rate of thunderphobia2, which is a typical anxiety trigger for many dogs of all breeds.

Lagotto Romagnolos

In addition, other noises like loud traffic, gunfire, or even loud music may cause them discomfort.

Among the dogs with the greatest risk of experiencing noise sensitivity anxiety were wheaten terriers2. If you have a wheaten terrier or are thinking about getting one,

Wheaten Terriers

Making allowances for the dog is a good idea to ensure that they are properly socialised with noises from a young age, as recommended by a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist. They are more prone to exhibit signs like barking and panting if they are exposed to loud noises on a regular basis.

The faithful and dedicated Spanish water dogs are susceptible to anxiety-related disorders. Spanish water dogs are more likely to experience fear or anxiety in response to environmental stimuli.

Spanish Water Dogs

Strangers are frequently that stimuli; the study mentioned above discovered that in Finland, Spanish water dogs were the breed most prone to demonstrate a fear of strangers. Tail chasing and fly-snapping in this breed are less frequent indications of nervousness.

Among the most violent dog breeds are miniature schnauzers. 3 Miniature schnauzers are more likely than other breeds to become aggressive toward strangers when they are exposed to anxiety-inducing stimuli like loud noises, new canines, or strangers.

Miniature Schnauzers

Compared to other breeds, they may also be at a higher risk of experiencing separation anxiety.

While mixed-breed dogs are frequently praised for having less health issues overall than purebreds, they are the breed that is most frequently classified as anxious in studies4.

Mixed-Breed Dogs

This might not be the case because mixed-breed animals are more prone to anxiety than pure-bred animals. It might simply be the case that mixed breeds predominate over pure breeds in all of these investigations.

It's critical to understand whether your dog is prone to anxiety. It's crucial to understand, though, that just because your dog belongs to one of the aforementioned anxiety-prone dog breeds, doesn't imply it will inevitably experience anxiety issues.

All Dogs Can Have Anxiety

Additionally, it doesn't imply that just because your dog isn't one of the aforementioned breeds, it won't experience anxiety. The same study discovered that up to 72.5% of dogs experience anxiety as a result of some stimuli. 1

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