Delicious Italian Cookies

Cookie I from Italy.
These airy Italian cookies have just the right amount of sugary sweetness. This dish can be prepared in about half an hour with only six simple ingredients.

Italian cookies made by Kathy.This dish was exactly what reviewer Jeanmarie Kerkowski Anicito had been seeking for, she writes. 

Butterball Cookies from Italy.This ancient family recipe is generally served over the holidays, but you'll want to make it all year long since it's so smooth, chewy, and delightfully sweet.

Ricotta Biscuits.The tangy flavour that comes from the ricotta cheese in these light cookies is a pleasant surprise that everyone enjoys.

Traditional Italian amaretti (which is pleasantly nutty because to the almonds) is the predecessor of macaroons, although looking quite different from modern coconut biscuits. 

Pizzelles.The elaborate patterns on this traditional waffle biscuit may seem difficult to achieve, but they're really rather simple to create

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