Date According To Your Zodiac Sign

Virgos are known for having a keen intellect. Since Mercury rules them, they are always analysing information and want to express themselves through rational and pragmatic dialogue.


They are list makers for life, and these practical signs feel most grounded and steady when they are joined with other earth signs, such as Capricorn.

Another earth sign, Capricorn, is added to this list because "together you share a distinctive world and way of life; they share your sense of ambition and the 'joy' in hard work and devotion."

The artistic sign of the zodiac is Libra. These attractive, fashionable air signs are connoisseurs and can be seen admiring contemporary art at a gallery, sipping wine in a vineyard, or buying the most expensive clothing.


They are also one of the most legendary flirts in the zodiac. Gemini admires Venus's passion for the arts and culture and delights in fine-tuning their own refined preferences within these harmonious unions of air signs.

You can know the moment you meet a Gemini that they "understand" you. Cayne explains, "You don't have to talk it, and you don't have to explain yourself too much."

Gemini is on your wavelength, and even though they don't pay attention to other people, they seem to hear you. There is an understanding-based trust between you two.

One of the savagest signs of the zodiac is Scorpio. These strong water signs use their exceptional intuition to formulate their goals and fervently pursue their passions.


They make committed lovers and make love as if their life (and your soul) depended on it, thus it's understandable why. The water signs of astrology enjoy delving deeply into their psyches with Scorpio at the wheel because they are known for their emotional brilliance.

Another characteristic of this zodiac sign is its alluring sexuality. Taurus is the most sensual sign in the zodiac, therefore when it is coupled with the ravenous Scorpio, the result is an extremely seductive combination.

You feel happy towards Taurus, but for entirely different reasons. "At first glance, you two seem to be a strange combination, but you profoundly complement one another." Additionally, you are certain that you can put your trust in them, which is music to the ears of a Scorpio.

The archer is a symbol for the adventurous nature of Sagittarius. Natural philosophers, intellectuals, and adventurers, these fire signs are renowned for their captivating storytelling and infectious wit.


They can crush your heart and have enormous sex urges. The secret to winning over a Sag is to let them maintain their freedom.

In an Aries, you quickly establish a friend, and it doesn't take long for it to develop into something more. Cayne says, "You understand each other instinctively." "Deep down, you're made for each other."

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