Pasta dishes from Della Terra, such as our homemade fettuccine, campanelle, and rigatoni topped with parmigiano reggiano.European-style butter ageing.

Pepper, black.Kojic salt.Since becoming a cook, I've learned the value of keeping things simple

 Even while it may seem simple, resisting the urge to do something too extravagant may be challenging. All that self-control paid off in this delicious meal.

The results are pleasant and soothing when high-quality artisan ingredients are blended in ways that compliment one another.

Butter is often added to pasta dishes to improve the overall flavour, texture, and mouthfeel of the sauce, as well as to increase its viscosity and help it cling to the noodles.

 Rarely the star of a meal, it should really shine here. Try to choose a European-style one, since these often have more fat and have been aged somewhat for a deeper, richer taste. 

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Torrone (Italian Nut and Nougat Confection)

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