Big-Hearted Zodiac Signs

Pisces Pisces believe they project an image that is too cool for school, yet everyone is aware of their true nature as the sign with the greatest hearts.


Extremely empathetic, Pisces are willing to take whatever measure to assist you when they sense that you are having a problem.

A Pisces has a mushy, soft core. Their gooey centres are frequently obvious in the original ways they manifest themselves.

Cancers can be very emotional, which may not come as much of a surprise, but the truth is that they are actually even more compassionate than they appear to be.


 They attempt to step back a little because they are aware of their reputation for being needy and clinging. nice effort

Cancer can't go a day without thinking of someone or helping them out. Although it can appear that they are keeping a distance from you, they are likely feeling particularly protective of you.

You might believe that Aries are way too busy to be concerned about others, yet the opposite is actually true.


They have a strong sense of altruism and are very heart-focused despite their competitive nature. Aries might be boasting about their most recent victory one minute and working at a soup kitchen the next.

Virgos want to portray themselves as being analytical and clinical, and they are, but that doesn't mean that they aren't the greatest saps below that aloof exterior.


Virgos typically keep their emotions within and to themselves. But those emotions are undoubtedly present beneath the surface.

Sometimes those suppressed emotions will explode to the surface, but most of the time Virgo will appear in control and composed. But you'd be mistaken if you assumed that they weren't affected by tunes or kitten videos.

You've been duped if you assume a Capricorn only cares about their work and is all business. Capricorn is the sign that has the most compassion. They simply hide their vulnerability because they are afraid of coming out as weak or strange.


Capricorns worry about what might occur if they reveal how sensitive they are to the public. They will take all reasonable measures to avoid getting wounded since they don't want to.

Capricorns think it's best to keep their feelings to themselves because they don't think many other people share the same kinds of emotions.

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