America's Worst Cities To Drive In

In order to determine the best and worst places for driving, WalletHub looked at the 100 largest American cities using 25 factors, including cost of ownership and upkeep, access to automobiles and repair, traffic and infrastructure, and safety. Has your city been listed?

San Francisco has the highest average petrol prices, the most frequent traffic jams, and the most terrifyingly steep streets of any city in the United States, making it the worst place to drive.

Total Score: 29.46

1.) San Francisco, California

Oakland came in second on the list of America's worst cities for driving due to high petrol prices, a shortage of public parking, and congested streets.

Total Score: 36.37

2.) Oakland, California

In addition to frequent road repair and congestion, Detroit is one of the cities with the highest rate of auto theft.

Total Score: 36.42

3.) Detroit, Michigan

Driving in Washington, D.C., with its a lot of tourist vehicles, one-way streets, and pricey parking, may be difficult.

Total Score: 36.85

4.) Washington, DC

Rainy weather in Seattle causes sluggish travel, especially around rush hour. Additionally, don't anticipate a simple merging procedure!

Total Score: 37.65

5.) Seattle, Washington

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