America's Best Cities To Drive In

The 100 largest American cities were reviewed by WalletHub using 25 metrics, including cost of ownership and upkeep, availability of automobiles and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, and safety, to determine the best and worst places to drive. Does your city appear on the list?

If your car breaks down in Corpus Christi, don't worry. One of the most affordable places to service cars is in the city!

Total Score69.76

1.) Corpus Christi, Texas

The city of Gilbert invests a lot of time in its safety-focused marketing, and it has seen success.

Total Score66.41

2.) Gilbert, Arizona

Driving in Greensboro is a delight thanks to the city's excellent infrastructure and affordable auto maintenance prices.

Total Score66.28

3.) Greensboro, North Carolina

It is simple to understand why Mesa makes the list of the finest locations to drive with the low traffic and abundance of picturesque routes.

Total Score65.89

4.) Mesa, Arizona

In El Paso, driving is simple. For its infrastructure and transportation, the city received high marks.

Total Score: 65.74

5.) El Paso, Texas

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