Adieu food court!

My first "real" job was at Footaction at the Los Cerritos mall, where I worked for a few months and earned a bimonthly payment (after taxes were deducted).

 I made $5.75 per hour selling classic shower slides in black, white, navy blue, and baby pink; Nike Air Max 95s in gradient neon hues

Iverson shoes with honeycomb air pods in the thick white bottoms; and Adidas shell toes. 

The mall's shop and food service employees have an unspoken bond. Kind nods were given to me, and sometimes I was given a complimentary egg roll or a side of fries with my meal.

And the food court was one of my favourite places to eat! I enjoyed people-watching immensely

My diet this summer has consisted mostly of my mother's home cooking and the vending machines at the office.

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