4 Most Protective Zodiac Signs

According to astrologer and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast Dana DeFranco, "Taurus zodiac signs can be hedonistic, but if they grasp their own inclinations and patterns, they're capable of demonstrating infinite love and protection toward others."

1.) Taurus

You can and will go to tremendous lengths to defend and safeguard what is legitimately yours, whether it be property or loved ones.

Leo, you are one of the most protective signs of the zodiac because you are dependable and kind. When it comes to your friends and family, you are watchful and quick to step in to defend them.

2.) Leo

Because the sun rules over you, it makes sense that you would find meaning in preserving the lives of others. Leos are naturally protective of what they own, but occasionally their defending attitude comes across as self-serving, according to DeFranco.

"But when they're able to separate their identity from others, they can and will defend and protect others in a sincere and altruistic way."

You are a peacekeeper, Libra. You exert every effort to protect others, and you employ your theories of justice to maintain the balance.

3.) Libra

There's a reason the scales of justice are used as a symbol for Libra, claims DeFranco. "Libras convince others, frequently subtly, to see alternative sides of any given issue in order to defend justice, themselves, and their relationships. Libra is essentially the sign of defence.

Scorpio, you will do anything to safeguard your heart because it is one of your most sacred elements of who you are.

4.) Scorpio

According to DeFranco, it's practically impossible to ever truly understand a Scorpio, who adds that when they are at odds with themselves, they are more prone to tell lies to protect themselves.

That's because you take your vulnerability seriously and are picky about who you invite into your life. Your best line of defence is to keep your heart and energies safe.

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