3 Zodiac Signs Are Good At Getting What They Want

Venus-ruled There is a charm about Libras. Farrar claims that they can "simply orient" to one individual, ascertain their requirements, and approach them diplomatically.

1.) Libra

"Many of my clients with high Libra placements tend to work in sales or as attorneys—fields that exploit their intellectual prowess and interpersonal abilities," the author claims.

"They are at the top of my list of most convincing signals because of their appeal and capacity to make you feel heard and connected."

Libras never put you under strain with their ideas because they are all about harmony and making sure everyone is at ease. They simply have a way of giving you the impression that you can believe what they say.

Scorpio might be a little daunting to certain people because of their intensity, in contrast to Libra who is all about making others feel balanced.

2.) Scorpio

They are incredibly perceptive, and before approaching someone, they will observe them to gather the information they require about them.

Therefore, if they need to persuade someone, they will know just how to say it to achieve their goals. They also have no qualms about saying things that others might not.

According to Farrar, "Scorpios frequently have a negative reputation for being secretive or manipulative, yet their persuasive strength may also be a positive characteristic."

They have an advantage in grasping the underlying dynamics of what is happening because they can see under the surface. When others may be reluctant to identify the discomfort, their enhanced desire for openness and honesty can be quite advantageous.

The endearing water sign of Pisces is outgoing, pleasant, and optimistic in their approach to life. They are shapeshifters who are "masterful at altering form," according to Farrar, depending on the circumstance.


It's simple to grasp their charisma because of their openness to other people and willingness to see the best in everyone, the author claims.

Despite the fact that their arguments and persuasiveness are not always based in reality, their naivety can give the impression that they are acting in your best interests. You are compelled to believe all they say.

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