10 Signs That You Are Over Your Ex

1. You stop thinking about them. Wasn't it difficult to move on from your split when everything you did brought back memories of your ex? It's a sign if he isn't controlling your thoughts any longer.

2. You're cool with the idea of running into him by accident. You're alright, girl, if you believe that you won't pass out the next time you go out and see your ex.

3. You avoid comparisons. If you've resumed dating and are truly having a good time. And since you're over your ex, you don't even think about comparing your date to him. Comparisons frequently occur while underlying emotions are still present.

4. You don't feel pressured to go on dates. It's an indication when you're content and self-sufficient as a single person and no longer yearn for the security of your former relationship.

5. You find the future exciting. You embrace the future wholeheartedly since you are not afraid of it but rather eager to see what it has in store for you.

6. You sense a spark between two people. If you've started seeing someone—not simply to rebound, but because you genuinely click—an it's indication that you're really at ease with your prior relationship.

7. You no longer feel broken. Has the fear, hatred, and disgust you felt even at the mere mention of your ex-partner vanished all of a sudden? It's a sign when you don't harbour any negative emotions toward your ex and you're feeling good.

8. When "our music" starts, you're OK. Nearly every relationship has a song that becomes "our song," and when that song plays after the split and you can listen to it without feeling hurt, you know you're doing OK.

9. You're not using social media to stalk him. You know you're over someone when your ex's most recent Instagram post doesn't make you feel anything and you've stopped compulsively stalking him on social media.

10. A few memories have slipped your mind. Do you no longer forget details of the relationship that you believed you would never forget? Things you cherished even after your breakup can disappear over time without your intervention. Everything can be healed with time.

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