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The Real Mojito

    The Real Mojito

    The mojito made using this recipe is the real deal. The recipe is written for one serving, but you can easily double the ingredients to create a whole pitcher of the beverage. On hot summer days, this beverage is sure to be quite refreshing. However, you should exercise caution while consuming it. If you create a pitcher, you could be tempted to drink the whole thing by yourself, in which case you might discover that you are able to communicate in Spanish in no time at all.

    Prep Time:

    10 mins

    Total Time:

    10 mins




    1. mixed drink

    This classic Cuban cocktail is made by combining only a few basic ingredients, but the final product is a drink that strikes the ideal balance between sweet and sour flavours, not to mention being quite refreshing! What makes this dish worthy of five stars? It uses authentic, fresh ingredients and keeps faithful to the traditional recipe for mojitos. The recipe only produces enough for one dish, but it is quite simple to double so that you may make enough for a pitcher to serve guests throughout the summer.

    What Exactly Is in a Mojito?

    The mojito is a traditional highball cocktail that was first created in Cuba. It should come as no surprise that rum, lime, mint, and sugar are all ingredients that are native to Cuba and are used in this drink. In order to complete the preparation of the thirst-quenching libation, a touch of club soda is added to the mixture. Muddling the fresh mint, lime, and sugar together in order to unleash their flavours is the first step in making this cocktail, which means that it demands a little more effort than making many other mixed drinks. However, it is well worth it to have a rum drink that is bubbly, somewhat sweet, and refreshing since it is one of the most popular rum drinks even to this day.

    Mojito Ingredients


    When making mojitos, always use white rum. Steer clear of spiced rums since they have a tendency to mask the natural zest of ingredients like mint and lime.


    For an authentic Cuban mojito, use mojito mint, also known as Mentha x villosa, a type of mint native to Cuba with a flavour that is more subdued than that of spearmint. Spearmint is what is most commonly used for mojitos and is what you’ll likely find at the grocery store labelled generically as “mint.” Spearmint is what you’ll likely find at the grocery store labelled generically as “


    For the finest taste, use limes that have just been squeezed. When purchasing limes, it is important to search for fruits that have smooth skin, since this suggests that the fruit is packed with liquid.


    In mojitos, people often use simple syrup rather than sugar since it dissolves more completely into the drink than sugar does. Granulated sugar is a traditional ingredient in traditional mojito preparations. Not only does this guarantee that the drink is not too sweet, but the addition of the odd sugar particle that has not been dissolved creates a texture that is characteristic of a traditional mojito. In lieu of granulated sugar, you may use superfine sugar, also known as caster sugar, which will dissolve more quickly in cold liquid because of its finer particle size.

    Club Soda

    To finish off the cocktail, top it off with club soda to make it more refreshing and to bring the other components into harmony.

    What Ingredients Are Required to Make a Mojito?

    In order to make a mojito, you are going to need a few specialised instruments, the most important of which is a muddler. Crushing fresh herbs and fruits with this bartending equipment helps liberate the flavours that are locked inside of them. Use the end of a wooden spoon as a muddler in the event that you do not have access to a muddler.

    Tips and Accolades from the Allrecipes Community

    Reviewer wine light describes this wine as being “light, refreshing, and the ideal combination of sour and sweet.”

    According to reviewer LeslieRN72, you should make plans to prepare two or more pitchers if you have more than a handful of people around. These mojitos are very refreshing, but they don’t last long since they’re so easy to drink.

    According to the reviewer Stenner, “This is the closest I’ve found to a true mojito that your favourite bartender would create for you.” [citation needed] It is imperative that you make use of fresh spearmint and lime in this recipe.

    Melanie Fincher’s contributions to the editing process


    • 10 freshly picked leaves of mint
    • 12 of medium lime, halved, then cut each half into 3 wedges.
    • 2 tablespoons of white sugar, or more or less to your liking
    • 1 cup of ice cubes, or as much as is required
    • 1 ounce and one-half of white rum
    • 1/2 cup club soda, or more or less as desired


    A strong glass should have mint leaves and one slice of lime placed within. To extract the mint oils and lime juice, mix the ingredients using a muddler.

    Muddle once again, this time adding the remaining lime wedges and the two tablespoons of sugar, in order to extract the lime juice. It is not necessary to strain the mixture.

    Ice should fill the glass nearly all the way to the top. After you’ve added the rum, top the glass over with club soda.

    Mix everything together, have a taste, and add more sugar if you want it sweeter.

    Cook’s Note:

    You may use tonic water instead of club soda, but the flavour will be different and more bitter than it would be with club soda.

    Data Relating to Nutrition (per serving)

    • 203
    • Calories
    • 0g
    • Fat
    • 29g
    • Carbs
    • 0g
    • Protein

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