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Pickle Corn Dog

    Pickle Corn Dog

    You may have seen the current food sensation dubbed the pickle corn dog if you have gone to Disneyland or your local county or state fair in the last few years.

    Permit me to assure you that this is a marriage made in paradise! There is no change to the battered corn dog that we are all familiar with and like; nevertheless, a dill pickle has been added for extra crunch and tanginess.

    It’s a taste explosion that just takes a few minutes to put together. This dish, which does not call for eggs and can be prepared in a matter of minutes, is quick and easy.

    If you’ve never tried frying before, there’s no need to be frightened by the process since it’s a lot easier than you would think it is. To ensure that the oil is not too hot for frying, it is best to test the temperature of the oil with a little amount of batter beforehand.

    It shouldn’t grow too dark too quickly, but rather it should bubble slowly and steadily until it turns a golden brown color. Wearing a blouse that you don’t care about too much simply in case some of the oil splashes on it is another useful piece of advice.

    You will just need a Dutch oven or another heavy pot for heating the oil, an apple corer or a tiny, sharp knife, and some skewers in order to complete this dish.

    Is it possible to make this recipe gluten-free?

    You may use gluten-free flour in place of the all-purpose flour in this recipe if you have a dietary restriction that prevents you from consuming gluten. Instead of using just one kind of flour, such as rice, almond, or coconut, I would recommend going with a gluten-free flour mix.

    Which Weight of Cornmeal Should I Purchase?

    I was quite aback to discover that the supermarket carries cornmeal in three different grind sizes: coarse, medium, and fine.

    For this recipe, I used a cornmeal that had a medium grind, and the finished product had a very great texture with a bit of a bite to it. I would recommend going with the finely ground cornmeal if you want to avoid a crispy feel.

    Which Brand Of Hot Dogs Would You Recommend For This Recipe?

    For this dish, I decided to use a hotdog made entirely of beef; the Hebrew National brand, to be more exact. On the other hand, you are free to use whatever kind of hot dog you wish. In this recipe, I think a hot dog made with pork would be really fantastic.

    Does It Make a Difference Which Kind of Oil I Use?

    For this dish, you will need to use an oil that is suitable for frying; thus, I would recommend using either normal vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil.

    Because you require a considerable volume of oil, I would not recommend using olive or coconut oil because these oils are much more costly than other types of oils.

    Is It Possible for Me to Use Sweet Pickles Instead?

    Personally, I’ve always had a preference for savory relish over sweet relish, but if you’d rather use sweet pickles instead, that’s totally ok with me!

    What Kind Of Skewer Is Best?

    Popsicle sticks are the most common choice for skewering a corndog, but you may also use barbecue skewers made of wood or metal if you don’t have any popsicle sticks available.

    The Recipe for the Pickle Corn Dog

    Step 1

    Gather all of the necessary components.

    Make a hole in the middle of the pickle using an apple corer or a knife, then insert the hotdog into the space you’ve created.

    Step 2

    To make it easier for the hot dogs to adhere to the batter, skewer them and then wipe them off with a paper towel before setting them aside.

    Step 3

    Whisk the flour, cornmeal, baking soda, and salt together in a medium basin after combining the ingredients in the previous sentence.

    Step 4

    Mix the dry ingredients until you have a smooth mixture, then add the buttermilk, egg, and honey and mix again until smooth.

    Put the vegetable oil in a dutch oven, and then heat it on the stove until it reaches a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that the oil is at the correct temperature, I recommend using a thermometer specifically designed for oil.

    After dipping the hot dogs into the batter twice, drop them in the heated oil.

    Step 5

    After around 2 minutes, turn the sides and continue to cook them for a total of approximately 5 minutes, or until they are golden brown all over.

    Arrange the corn dogs in a single layer on a cooling rack or paper towels. Enjoy with the dipping sauce of your choice after it has been served.

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