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Egg Patties For Egg Sandwiches

    Egg Patties For Egg Sandwiches

    Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelets… Eggs are a breakfast mainstay in every region of the globe, and each person has their own preferred method for preparing them.

    These egg patties will blow your mind if you are seeking a novel method to serve eggs for breakfast and are interested in trying something different.

    They are simple to prepare and will be a wonderful addition to the breakfast sandwiches that you have. You are free to season them any way you wish, or you can keep them unseasoned and only season them with salt and pepper.

    No matter how you decide to prepare them, these egg patties will inject some excitement into your usual morning ritual.

    How Should I Go About Making the Egg Patties?

    These egg patties don’t put much of a demand on you in terms of the ingredients, however. The only things you will need are eggs, some heavy cream, and the spices of your choice.

    It is possible to form them in a variety of ways, and I have experimented with all of them, including some suggestions from TikTok.

    Yes, I do follow some of the tips and techniques for TikTok just to check them out and see if there’s anything in there that may be useful. Here are the methods for making egg patties that are the most successful, as well as others that are less successful.

    • Make use of silicone molds; silicone molds are the most user-friendly option available. They have the appearance of circles and are equipped with little handles that make it possible to pick up the patties. In addition, they fit beautifully on any pan without causing the eggs to seep out.
    • Make use of the lid from a mason jar; lids for mason jars have a section that can be removed, and this comes in quite helpful for cooking patties. Be cautious to oil the lid before using it to prevent the eggs from sticking to the surface of the lid.
    • Make use of small spring forms; mason jar lids may be used for mini spring forms with equal success. They will fit on the skillet without causing any leaks and will fit well.
    • When you use them, it is imperative that you oil them as well. The spring forms have a covering that prevents eggs from sticking, but due to the many mechanics on them and the lock system, it is possible for eggs to get stuck.
    • The TikTok hack; I just observed a viral hack on how to prepare eggs in exactly the form that you want. One of the steps in the trick is rubbing garlic over the pan.
    • This is done in order to establish a barrier that will keep the egg from overflowing over, so ensuring that it will have the ideal form. Due to the fact that the barrier is only effective on a very thin layer of eggs, it will not function at all for making patties using this method.

    How to Make Burger Patties to Perfection

    It’s not enough to merely use a skillet when you want perfectly cooked eggs. I used the skillet alone in an attempt to cook the eggs, but by the time the top was done, the bottom was already a little too brown.

    Cooking the patties with the lid on will prevent this from happening. You may get flawlessly cooked patties all the way through by covering the pan totally. This will provide some additional heat that will cook the eggs from the top, giving you a patty that is cooked through and through.

    Flipping the burger is the other method, although in my experience, doing so causes the patties to lose their airiness.

    You can also cook patties in your oven if you don’t have a pan. Do not use a muffin tray for this recipe as it will result in the patties being much smaller. Make use of ramekins in order to create bigger patties.

    Using ramekins with a capacity of 1 cup like the ones sold on Amazon will allow you to make lovely patties that will fit your sandwich buns like a glove.

    Milk Or Water?

    People have a habit of beating eggs with either milk or heavy cream while they are preparing eggs for consumption. In point of fact, I am the same way about it.

    The eggs end up having a creamier texture as a result of the milk, although it is not technically an ingredient that is required for this dish. Milk will make your patties more delicate, and they will not be able to hold their form as precisely as you would want.

    Additionally, milk will cause the patties to be dense. Add water rather than milk if you want the patties to have a light and airy texture. If you want them to be even airier, sprinkle a little bit of baking powder onto the very tip of your knife and mix it in.

    You may also simply use sparkling water instead of regular water, but keep in mind that you don’t want to use too much of it. I suggest adding ½ tsp sparkling water to 1 big egg.

    How Should The Burger Patties Be Seasoned?

    My go-to seasonings are salt and pepper. You can get by with only this simple combination. If you want to add some fresh herbs, parsley is a good option; however, if you want a version that is spicier, chili powder is a better choice. The possibilities are really limitless!

    Instructions For Serving Egg Patties

    When I want to make a hearty breakfast out of this, I serve it with sandwich bread, sausage patties, cheese, and an arugula on the side. This offers all the components of a complete breakfast.

    You are going to need uncooked sausages in order to produce the sausage patties. Remove the meat from the casing using a squeezing motion, then form it into patties. After that, proceed to cook the patties as you normally would.

    After you have completed all of the necessary stages, you are free to put together your party any way you choose. When I make grilled cheese sandwiches, I prefer to put the cheese on top of the sandwich buns, and then put the whole thing into the oven for about five or six minutes, until the cheese is melted.

    On top of the cheese, place the sausage patty, then on top of that, place the egg patty, and finally, top it off with some arugula. You may also choose to add sauces; personally, my favorite condiment for this purpose is garlic aioli. Try it out for yourself!

    Egg Patties For Egg Sandwiches

    Time required for preparation: 10 minutes

    Cooking time: 10 minutes

    Serve: 4


    • 4 big eggs, room temperature
    • 4 tsp sparkling water
    • 4 cheese slices
    • Various amounts of salt & pepper, to taste
    • 4 sausages for breakfast, with the casings, removed
    • 4 sandwich buns
    • Arugula or any greens of your choosing
    • 4 pieces of fried bacon, with the option to add more


    1. In a mixing bowl, combine eggs, sparkling water, salt, and pepper. Beat until foamy.
    2. Heat skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. To produce patties, you may use a springform, the lid of a Mason jar, or a silicone mold, depending on the equipment you like. If you are using anything except the silicone mold, be sure you apply some oil to whatever you are using by brushing it on.
    3. Transfer a quarter of the mixture into the prepared mold. The egg patty should be cooked with the cover on the pan for as long as it takes for the top to get set.
    4. Remove the burger patties from the molds and set them on a serving plate.
    5. To cook the sausage patties, first form the sausage meat into a patty, then heat the pan to medium-high heat and fry the patties until they are fully cooked through.
    6. To put the sandwich together, cut the buns for the sandwiches in half.
    7. Sprinkle cheese over the top. Put the sandwich buns in the oven broiler for a few minutes, or until the cheese is melted, whichever comes first.
    8. Using a toaster or the broiler, lightly brown the bread’s tops.
    9. Arrange the sausage patty on top of the cheese. After that, top it up with some arugula and add an egg patty.

    Place the remaining sandwich half on top of the sandwich, press down, and serve!

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